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Inclign realizes there are a lot of reasons why a homeowner might want to do a home remodel.

Perhaps they are practical reasons like replacing flooring or finally taking down that wall that’s been needing to be removed. Maybe your reason for doing a home remodel is simply that you are tired of your current aesthetic and want to change things up.

Regardless of your reasons for remodeling your home, here are 6 things to consider that will help you know where to start with your home remodeling project.

1. Decide On Your Project

If you have a list of home remodel projects that all need to be done, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to start with.

Our advice? Just pick one project — the most pressing one, and go with it. If your current home flooring is old beyond belief and needs to be redone or that wall is driving you crazy with how impractical it makes the layout of your home, pick that project and start there.

Maybe you will need more than one remodeling session, that’s okay, just start off your home remodel with the most pressing need and work your way down the list from there.

2. DIY Or Professionals?

Next on your list of questions to ask when starting on a home remodel is, is this a DIY project, or one that needs a professional to complete?

If it is a DIY project, will you have the time to commit to completing it? If you want to do it yourself but just don’t have the time, you should consider having a professional take care of it instead.

DIY projects can lead to a lot of stress if you are a busy homeowner without enough time to think and execute a DIY home remodel project.

Most home remodels require a lot of skill and planning so it is wise to hire a professional. A professional home remodeling team will be able to make sure that the best materials are used for your project and that your project is completed in a good time frame.

3. Determine Your Budget

A budget isn’t something that you should throw together during the chaos of a home remodel.

You should make sure that when you start a project, you have the financial means to complete it. Otherwise, you’re left with a half-finished home remodel that is difficult to make aesthetically appealing.

Talk with several home-remodel experts or general contractors about the cost of the specific remodel that you want to do. Get a quote about how much your remodel is projected to cost and check to see if you have a home remodel budget to match.

If the quote doesn’t match your budget, ask the general contractor if it’s possible to find budget-friendly materials to use for your project.

Most general contractors and home remodelers are familiar with local sellers and have are able to get discounted products through some arrangement.

4. Weigh The Pros & Cons

As with any big home decision, you should weigh the pros and cons of your home remodel. Will your remodel affect the resale value of your home? If so, will it increase the value? Or could your remodel possibly damage your reselling efforts?

How about financially? Is your home remodel going to be a wise decision financially?

More often than not, home remodel projects increase the value of a house and while they are an investment, they prove a worthy investment down the road. Either through increasing the visual appeal of your home or by adding monetary value — home remodels are usually an investment that pays off.

5. Learn About The Permit Laws In Your County

County laws and permits are a tricky business. If you have just started thinking about doing a home remodel, you should immediately start looking into permit laws in your area.

If you find conflicting information online and are unsure what laws apply to your area, talk with a licensed general contractor. Most general contractors are well-versed in the field of county permit laws.

Some home remodel permits take time to get approved so it is a good idea to start working on securing your permits as soon as you know you are doing a remodel.

6. Find A Home Remodeling Company That You Can Trust

Finding a reliable general contractor for your home remodeling project is a task. You need to find someone that you trust to hire good subcontractors that get your remodel done in a good timeframe.

An important skill to consider when choosing a general contractor for your home remodel project is communication. Your home remodel general contractor should have excellent communication skills and focus on what your vision is for your home remodel.

If you hire a general contractor that doesn’t work well with subcontractors and has difficulty communicating with the homeowner, you will have a difficult project.

You should have an initial meeting with your general contractor to discuss your project and see if their communication style is what you are looking for.

Hire A General Contractor You Can Trust

Here at Inclign, our team of skilled general contractors has experience helping Seattle homeowners achieve their home remodeling goals. We have ample experience with home remodeling and have an ongoing relationship with local sellers and subcontractors.

We value the input of homeowners and make it our goal to satisfy our clients through our hard work. We communicate with homeowners throughout the remodel process and make it our mission to help homeowners have the easiest home remodel possible.

If you would like to speak with a professional general contractor about your upcoming home remodel, contact Inclign today. One of our general contractors would be more than happy to answer your home remodel questions or schedule an appointment to make you a custom quote for your project.

Ready to build it the right way?

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