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Seattle Custom Home

Paul Lyman, President, High Country Contractors and Developers

It has been my honor to have had Rich Denny as a dedicated, hard-working employee for more than twenty five years. During his years with us, Rich has always found a way to, diplomatically and professionally, approach any issues that arose, working with the client to resolve them effectively. His work ethic is beyond reproach and it is a pleasure to know him. Though I wish he was still working with us, I know Rich will succeed in his new venture at Inclign, and we wish him all the best.

Here is a residential custom home of a prominent Seattleite built by Charter Construction. I enjoyed being the framing foreman for High Country Contractors hired by Charter. The architect firm was Prentiss Balance Wickline. Both Charter & PBW Architects are top tier companies to work with.



Inclign Construction

Renton Luxury Townhomes

Jason Thomas, Managing Member, Lake Park Venture, LLC

Rich Denny, of High Country Contractors and Developers, served as my Construction Manager on a recently completed, luxury condominium project developed by my company, Lake Park Venture, LLC.

From day one, this project presented numerous complex and unique challenges relating to its construction, stemming largely from the use of very specialized materials and their intricate integration. On top of this, I will be first to admit that I, as project owner, demanded that only the best workmanship would be acceptable.

Though given this daunting responsibility, Rich, nevertheless, rose to the occasion and always with an upbeat, “Can Do” attitude. My every expectation was met thanks to his unwavering dedication and hard work. From inception to completion, everyday was a pleasure working with Rich and High Country on my project. It is obvious that customer satisfaction is a cornerstone of their business ethics.

I’m confident anyone considering using the many services offered by High Country, and specifically those of Construction Management and Mr. Denny, will find themselves very well served. I would like to recommend them without hesitation and look forward to working with them on my next development project.

To see exquisite design work by Jason Thomas visit: LanipParkerDesign.com

Inclign Construction Inclign Construction

Kirkland Multi-Family Remediation

Kilburn Architects and David Bach & Associates

In the overhead photo below, I was glad to superintend the exterior remediation, for HCCD, of an eastside condominium complex. I worked closely with Kilburn Architects and consultant David Bach & Associates.

Inclign ConstructionInclign Construction

U-District New Multi-Family Construction

Johnston Architects, CT Engineering
Mars (Meng-Lin) Wang, Ph. D., Founder/Managing Broker, TT Property Management Corp.

Rich was the project manager from High Country Contractors who we worked with during the construction of 52 Brooklyn, a new 37-unit apartment in the UW area.

Rich managed our project and was a very valuable part of the process. He ensured that our deadlines and requirements were met, and that we were satisfied with the project every step of the way. He was a deciding factor in the project’s successful completion. Rich was always very proactive to prevent any issues before we encountered them, and quick to respond to any concerns we had.

Thanks to his comprehensive knowledge and experience in the construction field, we were able to overcome all obstacles and complete the project in March 2017. We appreciate his work and his professionalism since he joined our project; he definitely exceeded our expectations. We would not hesitate to contact him again for future projects, and wish him well at Inclign!


International Elite Realty Corp. Ieliterealty.com

Inclign Construction Inclign Construction Inclign Construction

Seattle Custom Remodel

A special thanks to the project manager Rich Denny of High Country Contractors for being a great partner on this project.

December 23, 2011 in Architecture, CAST Projects


Inclign Construction

Inclign Construction

West Seattle Multi-Family Rehabilitation

Jefferson Square Apartment becomes Elan 41

I was privileged to superintend an apartment rehabilitation project. The 7 buildings were built above commercial retail and parking garage space. Some of the challenges included; full courtyard membrane replacement, full exterior re-clad, full interior upgrades. elevated walkway resurfacing, remodel roof structures and complete re-roof. All of this while the apartment units were occupied and all public spaces below remained open for business. The successful completion of this project was reflected by the gratitude of our client.

Inclign Construction

Inclign Construction Inclign Construction

Seattle Commercial Seismic Upgrades

In 2015-16 I was part of the construction leadership team for HCCD that performed a complete structural retro-fit of a 33,000 sq. ft. 5-story (plus added penthouse floor). This historic brick building on 1st Ave in downtown Seattle involved working closely with; the owners- Lake Union Partners, the architects- Weinstein A|U and the contractor/engineers- Coughlin Porter Lundeen.

Inclign Construction

Inclign Construction

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