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This vision will demand, even consume, a large portion of your life and resources, it is no light matter.

How important is it to you to build a New Custom Home? A Custom Home is one of a couple options you have so why burden yourself with this? Custom Homes tend to be more expensive than other alternatives.

Inclign will place your vision front and center.

Define your Custom Home. This is a home built specifically for you and your family. It will reflect your passions and unique character. This will in many ways define a life accomplishment.

A custom home is a life accomplishment unique to human achievement.

Unlike other homes the custom home is a celebratory achievement. Regardless of the expenditure, these homes testify to the freedom, effort and Celebration of Possibility.Even a small modest custom home speaks loudly of the owner’s ingenuity, effort and personal inspiration.

Why wouldn’t you want to custom build your home?

Is it Need and/or Passion?

Some inspiration or possible urgency has sparked this project. Defining what this is will help you ensure the clarity and follow-through necessary for the project’s success. Deliberately take the time to record the importance of this project. Keep this record in a prominent place to organize all subsequent decisions.


Practicalities can be the constraints that allow one to focus on the “flourishes”, or the victory over mediocrity, much like a string constrains a kite which in turn pulls the kite into soaring flight.

  • Location; Many factors drive where you will build your custom home. In the end you must determine that if the land meets, at least your minimum requirements, the project can succeed. Here are some things to consider;
  • Traffic
  • Schools
  • Housing Associations
  • Real Estate values
  • Neighborhood
  • Local crime statistics
  • Potential natural disaster
  • Emergency services
  • Shopping convenience
  • Entertainment access
  • Terrain
  • Vegetation
  • Access to utilities
  • City vs. County codes
  • Taxing district
  • Distance to family and friends
  • Wetlands
  • Waterfront considerations
  • Soils
  • Chemical and other hazards
  • Protected habitat
  • Views
  • Parks
  • Noise

Inclign partners with you to harness the practical issues like a kite string.

  • Budget; Study this all-important factor. To keep the peace with all the players involved don’t compromise on your budget. Be realistic about cost overruns, they often happen. So, keep the budget below your resources and don’t be surprised if you must dip into your reserves.

Some quick contractor bid tips:  

  1. If you can afford it, pay others to do the work
  2. Get 3 bids for as much of the work as you can
  3. Ask the contractors for references
  4. Ask for a breakdown of costs and detailed description from your 1st bid then give the details to the other bidders, so they have matching scopes
  5. Be aware of deposit requests
  6. Be aware of taxes
  7. Be aware of change order language and how costs can add up
  8. Be aware of the exclusions in the bids
  9. Compare product recommendations from various sources
  10. There usually is more than one good way to build so don’t get too worried about alternate approaches. If you’re not sure, ask a pro on your team (see “Next Steps” below)
    Confirm the warranty on products
  • Code Compliance; As mentioned previously, your building location will affect what code you must comply with. This is where the professionals you hire begin to earn their pay.

Quick tip

Most jurisdictions will have a zoning map online that will tell you where the various types of construction are allowed.

  • Then you must research the codes that apply to the zones you are considering.

Your land developer or architect should be able to provide direction.

The Planning department at your jurisdiction will also be able to provide answers.

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